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2018, china should do these 60 major issues









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On March 5, divulged China wanted 60 dry major issues 2018 in governmental working report:
Decrease duty to fall cost
1, rise the place is collected since individual income tax, increase the special charge such as medical treatment of filial education, a serious illness to deduct.
2, expand public get online freely limits, reduce domestic broadband, enterprise broadband and special railway line to use fee apparently, cancel discharge " roam " cost, endowment cost reduces mobile network flow at least inside year 30% .
3, deepen collect fees highway system reform, had reduced transient bridge cost.
4, vehicle of car of will new energy resources purchases duty privilege policy to lengthen 3 years again, cancel two handcart to be restricted in the round change policy.
5, establish macrocosm travel demonstrative division, drop a focal point price of entrance ticket of state-owned scene area.
6, annual reduces tax for enterprise and individual again many yuan 8000. Annual wants many yuan 3000 to reduce the burden that be not duty for market main body.
Educational take up an occupation
7, want much channel to increase supply of preschool education resource, use the informatization method such as Internet, strengthen pair of children to hold Yo whole process in the palm to superintend.
8, town increases obtain employment newly above of 11 million person.
9, go into town again this year settle 13 million person, accelerate agriculture to transfer population citizen to change.
10, cogent lower rate of rural student discontinue one's studying, clutch eliminate town " forehead of the top class in a kindergarten " , exert oneself solves middle and primary school to give birth to extracurricular burden to weigh an issue.
11, large-scale begin professional skill to groom, apply " Internet + " configuration of development new obtain employment.
12, enlarge peasant industry obtain employment, comprehensive processing defaults wage issue.
13, salary of perfect mechanism institution and ferry subsidy system, tilt to difficult area, special post.
14, supportive industry raises skilled worker wage, increase drive of high skill talent.
15, encourage abroad study abroad personnel goes back to the motherland innovation does poineering work, widen passageway of green of foreigner Cai Laihua.
Social security
16, rise basic medical service is protected and insurance of a serious illness ensures a level, basic medical service keeps the resident standard of allowance of finance of average per capita increases 40 yuan again, the half is used at insurance of a serious illness.
17, enlarge go to a doctor of ground of the different that cross a province limits of direct settle accounts, mix basic level hospital go out poineering personnel of peasant worker worker, foreign take up an occupation bring into entirely.
18, start 3 years of new canopy to change plan of assault fortified positions, this year start working 5.8 million.
19, increase strength of the fair safeguard that rent a house, difficult to low income housing family wants to should be protected protect, the member that do not have the new obtain employment that accords with a condition worker of room worker, ab extra Wu brings into safeguard limits.
20, supportive dweller lives oneself the demand that buy a house, breed housing to rent the market, development shares property right housing.
21, reliable push estate tax legislation.
22, development house home, community and coadjutant type provide for the aged, advance cure to raise couple, raise beadhouse to serve quality.
23, deepen reform of endowment insurance system, build company worker the system is regulated in the center of fund of primary endowment insurance.
24, deepen public hospital to be reformed integratedly, harmonious advance fulfil of firewood of medical treatment price, human affairs, medicines and chemical reagents current, cure is protected pay reform, raise medical treatment sanitation to serve quality, next great strength solve masses to see a doctor difficult problem of go to a doctor.
Countryside is revitalized
25, reduce rural impoverished population again this year 10 million above, finish easy ground to help deficient up to remove 2.8 million person.
26, wait for specific and impoverished population to old people, disabled, heavy ill patient, because of door because the person is fulfilled,ensure measure.
27, strengthen conformity of the capital that help deficient up and performance management. Launch corruption of the domain that help deficient up and style issue special processing.
28, build add farmland index, urban and rural construction newly to cross province region to adjust a mechanism with index of surplus of link up with of ground increase and decrease, earnings gains is used at taking off deficient assault fortified positions and supportive countryside to revitalize entirely.
29, improve the infrastructure such as water supply, power supply, information, build rebuild rural highway 200 thousand kilometer.
30, begin rural person to reside environmental punish 3 years to act steadily, advance " toilet revolution " . Stimulative country transform social traditions.
31, develop " Internet + agriculture " , much channel increases farmer income, 3 industries confluence develops stimulative country just a little.
32, fulfil land the 2nd round to contract the policy that 30 years extend again after expiring. Exploration curtilage power of base fee, seniority, access separates buy reform.
33, cultivated land of new heighten level is 80 million mus of above, efficient section water irrigates area 20 million mus.
Public service
34, advance deep " Internet + government affairs serves " , make more item is dealt with on the net, also must want to strive to accomplish to what the spot does " take a door only " , " run at most " .
35, clear the of all kinds proof that masses and company work, those who do not have basis of law law plan is uniform cancel.
36, sound market, parking lot civilian service facilities. Advance in order " the village in the city " , old old village is transformed, perfect establishment of form a complete set, encourage add outfit lift conditionally.
37, push in the whole nation " card illuminates depart " reform, the key is proof is reduced after illuminating, of all kinds card can be decreased decrease, can close, reduce business start time further.
38, innovation food medicines and chemical reagents superintends means, note the promotion such as Internet of put sb in a very important position, big data to superintend efficiency, accelerate implementation whole journey to leave mark, message but date from, let problem product nowhere hides, not the person that legal system makes work is unable to escape the net of justice.
Zoology environment
39, discharge capacity of oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen should drop this year 3% , key area fine grained content (PM2.5) chroma continues to drop.
40, strengthen the major disease prophylaxis and treatment such as mist haze processing, cancer to tackle key problem, make science and technology better benefit people.
41, comprehensive punish is black smelly water system. Increase sewage disposal establishment to build strength, perfect collect fees policy.
42, the afforestation that finish 100 million mus of above, fallow and pilot area increases farmland rotate 30 million mus, expand to wet ground is protected and restore range.
Hypostatic economy
43, drive car of engine of mobile of integrated circuit, the Five Dynasties, aircraft, new energy resources, new material to wait for industrial development.
44, carry out big data to expand the operation, strengthen application of research and development of new generation artificial intelligence, advance in the domain such as medical treatment, provide for the aged, education, culture, sports " Internet + " . Develop intelligent property, extend intelligent life.
45, start a batch of science and technology to innovate major project, high level builds national laboratory.
46, should finish railroad to invest 732 billion yuan this year, waterborne investment controls road 1.8 trillion yuan, irrigation works is in build investment dimensions to achieve 1 trillion yuan.
47, fulfil encourage folk to invest policy step, a batch of charming projects are rolled out in the domain such as railroad, civil aviaton, oil gas, telecommunication, be sure to make civilian capital is entered come, can develop.
48, press again this year decrease iron and steel to produce can 30 million tons or so, exit coal to produce can 150 million tons or so, fall into disuse involve the group of electric machinery of 300 thousand made of baked clay the following coal that stops not to amount to mark.
49, accelerate the element price such as technology, land to commercialize reform, deepen resource kind product and reform of public service price.
50, unlock general manufacturing industry in the round, enlarge telegraphic, medical treatment, education, provide for the aged, new energy resources the field such as the car is open.
Other and major item
51, had run fair of imports and exports of first China International, reduce the import custom duty such as consumable of daily expense of car, part.
52, do damage of good Beijing Olympic Winter Games, winter abstruse meeting makes preparations the job, much channel increases place of fitness of the whole people and establishment.
53, constituent good Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region holds water 60 years to celebrate an activity.
54, with scanty solution function of Beijing blame capital attachs most importance to a dot to advance Beijing ferry to hope to develop in coordination, program of high starting point, high level builds hero to bring newly-added district.
55, publish area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of executive another name for Guangdong Province to develop a program, advance inland to be the same as collaboration of mutual benefit of Hong Kong, Macao in the round.
56, comprehensive and duplicate promotion from trade division experience, exploration builds free trade port, make new raise of reforming and opening.
57, begin lawfully sweep black except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, punish pilfer is grabbed cheat yellow bet the illegal crime activity such as poison, bilk of punish telecommunication network, encroach citizen individual information, network to pass annul wait for outstanding issue.
58, gallop and do not cease punish " 4 wind " , especially strictly avoid formalism, bureaucratism. Punish stoutly of all kinds and corrupt behavior.
59, enlarge cross-strait economy culture to communicate collaboration, learn in the mainland for Taiwan brethren stage by stage, do poineering work, obtain employment, life provides as coequal as mainland brethren treatment.
60, advance training to prepare for war in the round the job, determined and strong maintain interest of state sovereignty, safe, development.
Origin: People's Daily
(origin: Study a group)

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