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How to hit win the Yangtse River to ban catch retr









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Make one's rounds of county of Jiangxi lake mouth protects Wu Houchun of team team member to leave a port go on a tour of inspection. Of Peng Zhao of reporter of Xinhua News Agency photograph
Jiang Shunqing of city fine hill is filled south Sichuan paragraph, retreat catch piscatorial composition to protect river member, clear river side. Li Tao is photographed (people visual sense)
Fisherman of water area of Po in relief lake is arranging fishing gear, preparation is retreated catch to disembark. Fu Jianbin is photographed (people visual sense)
On June 29, on July 13, edition of incoming letter of our newspaper reader is rolled out " the Yangtse River bans fishing, why to still have ban and more than phenomenon " " let " ban fishing to make " be born is phonic " , dog report the Yangtse River 10 years " ban fishing to make " executive circumstance, cause a society to pay close attention to extensively.
Carry out fulfil Xi Jinping's secretary-general " stress great protection in all, do not start big development " important directive requirement, water area of key of catchment of executive the Yangtse River is banned catch retreat catch, result now, benefit is in a thousand years. Since period of time, concerned place, branch acts quickly, serve as actively, perfect working mechanism on one hand, firm catchs responsibility to fulfil; Hold to a problem to direct on one hand, accelerate fill neat short board, hit stoutly win catchment of the Yangtse River to ban catch retreat catch battle of this assault fortified positions.
The Yangtse River 10 years " ban fishing to make " , how to catch more effective? The place that what must be strengthened and what must be strengthened and improves to still have? Recently, the reporter goes to the Yangtse River again coastal much province city visits investigation, listen to relevant section, execute the law personnel and retreat catch a fisherman to talk fulfil a circumstance, carry countermeasure to suggest.
Backer eats hill to rely on water draft, also should interpret rule, have a tie
A few days ago, sichuan is wide yuan of city Jia Lingjiang catchment, boat of go on a tour of inspection of a fishing politics is executing the law, discover surface has a plastic buoy suddenly. "This is the mark that catchs illegally! " with old job experience, lin Jun of personnel of go on a tour of inspection runs to bow to salvage buoy instantly, a many meters 50 long ground is really if really below basket.
"The mesh of ground basket is dinky, once the fish joins a network, cannot extricate oneself. No matter big Yu Xiaoyu, by catch the whole lot in an action. " Lin Jun says, the behavior of this kind of drain the pond to get all the fish is destroyed to piscatorial resource tremendous.
In recent years, occurrence decline of unripe species of water of the Yangtse River, a few species are close to eradicating, with excessive catch, catch illegally have affinity. When the reporter is being interviewed more, a few went up the fisherman of age expresses, the fish catchs less more, catch smaller more. When past the year's harvest is good, can catch 449 jins, there are 45 jins only now, differ hundredfold.
Before this, a lot of water area are adopted seasonal ban fishing. "But, some fishermans the loss to make up for closed season, period of lift a ban catchs more fish, aggravate piscatorial resource is exasperate. " He Jiang of director of bureau of Sichuan province aquatic product says.
Ban fishing in the round imperative. Since this year, edge river is more quick action, solid begin the work that ban fishing. Jiangsu issues announcement without bureau of country of stannic city agriculture, call in clearly catching card. Bureau of country of agriculture of city of lake of Anhui overgrown with weeds feels platoon, concentration to seal up for keeping in the round " 3 without " shipping, catch illegally from fountainhead keep within limits. Hunan Changsha public security starts special punish, severe blow " report, poison, blast " wait to catch illegally behavior...
"Piscatorial backer eats hill to rely on water draft, plus the lure by promise of gain of feral river fresh market, hard to avoid will be excessive catch. " Huang Guojun of Party school of municipal Party committee of state of Hubei chaste tree suggests, insist to be prevented in order to hit hurried, dozen prevent union, make conduct propaganda of good policy law, guide a fisherman to establish zoology to protect consciousness, law consciousness, backer of witting even if eats hill to rely on water draft, also should interpret rule, have a tie.
Late on July 7 9 when make, sea of Hubei yellow stone watchs enclosure of hill guesthouse courtyard to be in, jump down two black shadows suddenly, the public security policeman that is being patrolled discovers. There is black polybag on one hand among them, open look, a lot of small fish are inside.
Classics investigation, two people to catching illegally be related is admitted. "This bag of fish has 4 jins to weigh about, the biggest fish grows 10 centimeters nevertheless, but the amount amounts to more than 500, there still is the delicacy of a few feral rivers such as Diao Zi fish inside. " handle a case policeman Chen Fan says.
"Because gluttonous, the catchs illegally fish before this brings back two people mostly the home ate. " Chen Fan appeals, whole society consciousness is corrected and the edible of slam the door, habit that consumes feral river delicacy.
Take strict precautions against on water father on defend to the last, market check serious place
The Yangtse River 10 years " ban fishing to make " carry out, to executing the law the job posed many challenges: Span of big, time grows district span, plus catch illegally the method is renovated ceaselessly, how to ensure execute the law working effect? The reporter visits understanding to arrive, a few places took out strong court real action.
Be aimed at fishing politics branch to execute the law strength weakness problem, anhui comes to 45 million yuan nearly 4 years invest capital, for basic level fishing politics executes the law provided the monitoring of mosquito craft, long-range video, equipment such as unmanned aircraft, implementation people's air defense, content is prevented, ability prevents photograph union.
In the light of catch illegally, carry, problem of trading subterranean industry catenary, public security of conformity of Jiangsu exert oneself, fishing politics, market is superintended etc execute the law force, build much department, cross area to execute the law jointly mechanism, form take strict precautions against on water the body of entire chain inspect that checks serious place fathering on defend to the last, market is.
"Want the fountainhead that aggrandizement catchs illegally to administer already, also want to pay attention to the terminal processing that consumes the market. " Sichuan is wide chief Gou Zhonggui says yuan of town related fishing politics branch, as ban those who catch the job to be advanced continuously, piscatorial resource will restore to grow stage by stage, the consumptive market of feral river delicacy may be met again more active. Wide the boat of for private use of yuan of city, place ferry thousands of, at any time likely translate into fishs boat. Accordingly, want to strengthen feral river delicacy to consume the superintendency of the market, be on guard to catch illegally happen.
Group prevent group treat, also be tamp executes the law force, ensure execute the law the crucial act of effect. Tan truth once was a of in relief city of Hunan high mountain old fishermans, in October 2019, because ban,catch went up bank. Management of hill of month of new developed area of the lake austral city is in Yue Yang to establishing patrol of lake of hole front courtyard in personnel of invite applications for a job at that time, mount guard of old Tan immediately.
This year on March 10, laotan receives masses to inform against, say somebody casts the net pilfer is caught, but did not point out exact position. Face of boundless and indistinct at that time lake, without coordinate, want to look for a net to provide as good as on the lake at look for a needle in the ocean, but this does not pour Laotan hard at all.
That day late night, laotan and a few colleagues sit in patrol bow, careful observation. Do not have time a little while, he search for limits to narrow a few very small area. Had done not have again how long, one place water area becomes shallow abruptly, the colleague takes out the bamboo punt-pole that has had already, had opened the vessel decharge, discovered ten silk screen as expected.
In interviewing, much ground fishing politics sectional chief expresses, the old fisherman that has experience often the school of clearer water area distributings characteristic, understand more catch illegally method, they participate in the job that ban fishing to will have a help greatly.
In addition, aggrandizement law is propped up also is to avoid to execute the law the job appears " the fish of escape unpunished " significant move. The expert expresses, current, catch illegally criminal case is sentenced punish light delay to change more, illegal cost is low. The proposal accelerates research to publish judicatory opinion about the branch, strengthen administration is carried out and criminal judicatory joins, strong prop up execute the law the job, awe is illegal element.
Ensure the fisherman is retreated reach, live firmly, have safeguard, can become rich
This year before September 30, sichuan province will be fulfilled in the round withdraw the accessorial fund such as the living allowance that catchs a fisherman. Besides allowance, the fisherman cares long-term bread more: Besides fish, won't other, how does the following time pass?
Save statistic of aquatic product bureau according to Sichuan, complete province is retreated catch a fisherman to exceed 15 thousand person, majority age slants skill of on the low side of level of big, culture, work is onefold. Current, sichuan province already compensated capital in the center of accumulative total make known to lower levels 534 million yuan, plan as a whole local finance capital 194 million yuan, use at retreating to catch a fisherman temporarily extra allowance for living expanses and obtain employment skill groom, ensure the fisherman is retreated reach, live firmly, have safeguard, can become rich.
"Those who worked 15 years fish team member, became the member that protect fishing nowadays. " Chen Zhide of 46 years old ever was a when town fills south Sichuan " senior " fisherman, change the line of production by last year to disembark. He is used find a place for allowance, opened to salvage a company together with the friend, adopt the form of the bag outside governmental service, salvage river side floater. Nowadays, this company found a place for nearly 20 are retreated catch a fisherman.
Carry out a proof, want to protect good fishery resource already, also want to ensure good fisherman to live, this is to ensure the Yangtse River 10 years " ban fishing to make " carry out carry out, of the key that obtains result lift.
Jiangsu province breeds through developing fishery to add, guide bibcock enterprise to wait drive a fisherman to change the line of production obtain employment, fulfil enrich the people allowance of poineering obtain employment, assure the concerned policy support such as loan does poineering work, purchase a service through the government, offer the fashion side such as commonweal post to help obtain employment up. Up to now, add up to find a place for retreat catch a fisherman 12314 people.
When be being interviewed up to the reporter, the Anhui province already began free obtain employment to do poineering work groom 4754 person-time, through changing the line of production post of obtain employment, commonweal, service is outputted wait for means, realize obtain employment 9429 people. In the meantime, appropriate solves safeguard of life of social insurance of the fisherman, lowest, already brought into social endowment insurance at present 14588 people, low protect 1456.
Area of endowment this world of in relief city of Hunan Province beneficial tries to find out the real intention at was being started in October 2019 register, the fisherman is retreated catch the job. "Whole area is the last sign retreat the fisherman that catchs an agreement to call Zang Xuelan, handed in 6 boats and all fishing gear. " fishing of area of endowment this world of Hunan beneficial in relief city politics Yang Zhiyong of stationmaster of fishing port supervisory control stand is impressive to this.
Yang Zhiyong introduces, local firm is caught fulfil retreat catch a fisherman to find a place for safeguard works, to doing not have source of income temporarily, each every months of allowance 200 yuan; The difficulty that accords with a condition is retreated catch a fisherman, bring into in time urban and rural low protect deliverance; To among them particularly difficult, butt joint essence supports deficient policy definitely.
Hyperplasia is put stream, enlarge fish breed, restore resource of natural water area
In interviewing, a lot of places, branch spoke of build archives to establish card, think this is to carry out fulfil the Yangtse River 10 years " ban fishing to make " sex of a foundation works.
"The job that ban fishing involves fishing the people's livelihood to put development a major programme of lasting importance. Before personal interest, the fisherman is what manner, have what specific difficulty, how scientific and sound affirmatory and of all kinds economy compensates basic data to wait, mastering these the truth of a matter is the premise that a series of jobs advance smoothly. " Jiangsu province appropriate begins inning of city agriculture country relevant controller introduces, they visit try to find out the real intention, build archives to establish card, cogent accomplish essence of life to identify definitely, energy accurate side is helped up.
Hall of country of agriculture of the Anhui province was developed " water area of key of catchment of the Yangtse River is retreated catch fisher information to run a system " , dog in time the fisherman is retreated catch plan, find a place for circumstance. Relevant controller introduces hall of country of agriculture of the Anhui province, save information of 18200 catching fisher to already typed a system entirely completely at present. Strengthen next supervise and urge examination, begin build archives to establish card " look round " , understand remove the life condition that catchs a fisherman, change the line of production whereaboutldirection, side helps demand up to wait, ensure hard retreat citizen of the mass uprising that catch fishing, catch illegally not resurgence.
Still many places, branch expresses, protect and restoring modes of life and relation to their environment of the Yangtse River is project of a system. In ensure the measure that ban fishing is fulfilled reach the designated position while, catch good hyperplasia to put even stream, raise fish of the Yangtse River actively, enlarge fish breed, resource of repair water area. "The proposal increases scientific research investment, strengthen fish of the Yangtse River natural construction of kind of qualitative resource library, and rare to be close to eradicating precious partly fish undertakes rescue sex protection. " Huang Guojun says.
"We discover in the job, a large number of fishermans eat aboard all the year round, manufacturing living conditions is very poor, cause very big pollution to circumjacent water environment, the multiply that goes against fish grows. " chief suggests related bureau of country of agriculture of city of Anhui saddle hill, want those who catch good fisherman to retreat already catch to disembark, pay attention to the rehabilitate of water environment to administer even, the platoon checks punish source of of all kinds pollution.
City is filled to arrange south Sichuan celebrate an area appoint clerical Chen Zebin says, "Want to rise each work that defends zoology of the Yangtse River with the union that ban fishing, arouse the enthusiasm of each respect adequately, catch condominium together, the Yangtse River will surely reproduce the good picture of fertilizer of water clear fish.
Format design: Cai Huawei
He Yong of reporter Zhang Yang Zhang Wen Shi Yiqi Shen Tongrui
" People's Daily " (on July 20, 2020 the 07th edition)

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